What We Believe

This page contains banners related to the What We Believe series and the individual titles within the series.
We have provided some of the html for you in the code boxes.

The advantage to using our code is that if we should make updates to the banner, it will auto-update on your blog. Your banners will always stay updated with current information and award banners.

Instructions for using the banners and html code on this page:

1. Locate the banner you want to use. You can view the size of the banner by hovering your mouse in the bottom right corner of the banner. A small label will appear.

2. Once you have identified the banner size you need, highlight all of the code in the text box directly under the banner. Press the CONTROL and C button at the same time to copy the code.

3. Open a text editor, like Notepad, and paste the code into a new file.

5. Next, you will need the url to the Apologia resource in the Apologia online store and your affiliate id.

6. Edit the html you have copied. Where you see the following code .. rows=”4″><a href=”http://www.apologia.com”> , you will replace www.apologia.com with the exact url and your affiliate id. Here is an example of an affiliate link directly to the cart page for the Ultimate Homeschool Planner (with the blue cover.) Please note, you will replace the #’s with your 5-digit affiliate id: http://www.apologia.com/planners/433-the-ultimate-homeschool-planner-blue-cover.html?ref=#####

If your affiliate id is 99988, your new code to link to the Who Am I? text with your affiliate ID is: <a href=”http://www.apologia.com/what-we-believe/277-who-am-i.html?ref=99988″><img src=”http://www.apologiaaffiliate.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Voted1Bible_300x300.jpg” /></a>

After you find the banners you would like to use, visit our Resources page to find more information you can use to promote Apologia on your website.