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How Do I Become An Affiliate or How Do I Find My Affiliate ID

Now you can earn money promoting your favorite Apologia resources through the Apologia Affiliate Program. Read through the information and follow the steps outlined below to get started. If you have any questions, please join our private Facebook group here or email


What are the steps for becoming an affiliate?

1. Go to
2. You will need to create an Account on the Apologia store at Please note, (where you are now) is only an INFORMATIONAL BLOG. You just read information here and get banners. This is not where you register. Follow the instructions below to go to our store and become an affiliate. Click the link in Step 1 above to start the process.

So, either click CREATE AN ACCOUNT or fill in your information in the ALREADY REGISTERED section.

If you are already an Apologia affiliate and need to get your affiliate ID or check your balance, skip down below this next section.

To Create A New Account:

If you need to create a new account you do so on This is our online store and where the Apologia Affiliate program resides. Again, this is just the informational blog for the affiliate program:

  1. GO HERE. Put in your email address and confirm
  2. If your email address is not already n our system, a new screen will appear.
  4. Click the REGISTER button.
  5. A new screen will appear.
  6. Click on the AFFILIATE PROGRAM button.
  7. Your affiliate id is the last digits under the heading “Your Affiliate Links” Please save this id someplace safe, along with the email and password you used to register at
  8. You are now an Apologia Affiliate. This is the end of the process for becoming an affiliate.
  9. We highly suggest you join our Affiliate Facebook group.

Thank you for joining the Apologia Affiliate Program!

If You Already Have An Account on And Need Your Password Reset or Need To Know Your Affiliate ID

If you are already registered and forgot your password:

  1. GO HERE.
  2. Click on Forgot Your Password to reset your password.
  3. A confirmation link  will be emailed to you.
  4. Once you click this confirmation link in the first email, a second email will arrive with your new password.  Please check your email two times. If the email does not arrive, check spam. In Gmail, check your Promotions or Social tab. If it still isn’t there, try again to confirm you input the correct email address. It is an auto-generated email. Your ISP may be blocking the email. 
  5. Once you are in your account, click the Affiliate Program button to view information about your affiliate account.

Your affiliate id is the last digits under the heading “Your Affiliate Links”

To Get Information About Your Affiliate Account – CLICK HERE

How Do I Format An Affiliate Link

  1. Find the product you want to link to or you can link to our home page.
  2. Format the link like this:
    1. For our home page: The #’s are your affiliate id.  Replace all of those #’s with your affiliate id.
    2. For a product:  Find the product and replace the #’s.   . The #’s are your affiliate id–replace all of those #’s with your affiliate id.
  3. Use a graphic from THIS BLOG (see the Banners link on the menu) or go to this page  to get cover art. See more below.

You have several options for graphics:

  • Use a cover graphic from one of our resources. Visit this page to view a high-res version of our covers.
  • Use banners we have created and have posted on the Apologia Affiliate site. You will need to be logged into the site to access these graphics. We have the banners posted, along with html. You will need to add your affiliate id to the html. The benefit of using this html is that the banner will auto-update should we make updates to the banner. This is especially helpful when special promotions ends. The banner will auto-replace with a current banner for the product(s).
  • You create your own graphics. Apologia grants you permission to use the high-res covers found on for affiliate banner and/or review purposes only. These covers may not be altered in any way.

Please note: Your affiliate link will NOT work with one of our resellers, it must link to the Apologia online store at

To Get Information About Your Affiliate Account – Go to, Sign In (see link at top of screen.)

Sign into Click on Affiliate  Program. What you can see on the “General Information” tab
1. You have two affiliate links – one using a five-digit number and one using your email address. Both will work, so you can use whichever one you’d like.
2. You can see how much you’ve earned through affiliate sales and request payment once you’ve earned at least $25.
3. You can see the percentage of each sale you receive on qualifying items.

What you can see on the “Affiliates” tab
1. Here you can see if anyone has signed up as an affiliate after visiting the store using your link.

What you can see on the “Payment Information” tab
1. Here you will need to input your PayPal account information. Please keep this up-to-date in the event of any changes. This is where your payments will be sent when you request a withdrawal.

Thank you for joining the Apologia Affiliate Program!