Constitutional Literacy by Michael Farris

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We the People.” It’s more than words. It’s a sacred responsibility. We must hold our leaders accountable when they fail in their sworn duty to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. Today, the federal government is taking more and more power for itself while trampling on the freedoms of citizens. We need to act, but first we must know what the Constitution really says and what it means. Let Dr. Michael Farris bring the U.S. Constitution to life for your family. It may be the most important course your student (and future voter) takes this year.

 • Companion to the acclaimed DVD series
• Prepares today’s students to be tomorrow’s informed voters
• All-new instruction, vocabulary, writing assignments, and study questions
• For use with grades 7 and up

 Frequently Asked Questions About Constitutional Literacy

Does the Constitutional Literacy DVD set qualify for the Apologia Affiliate commission?


Please note, only the Constitutional Literacy Student Workbook qualifies for the affiliate commission. The Constitutional Literacy DVD set is not published by Apolologia Educational Ministries.


Does this provide enough work for a full year class for high school students?


Yes! The DVD series in conjunction with curriculum workbook constitutes a full credit. This means the student would need to do the Probe assignments at the end of each episode. The length of the episodes vary from 15 to 23 minutes.


Michael Farris discusses Constitutional Literacy as a high school credit. (You may use this video in any of your promotional posts for the Constitutional Literacy workbook by Michael Farris.)

Can the DVD be used in a group (once a week co-op) setting with each student purchasing their own book but not their own DVD?


The DVDs can definitely be used in a group or co-op setting, with each student purchasing their own Student Workbook but not their own DVD.  The length of the episodes vary from 15 to 23 minutes. Teachers can access the answers to the questions found within each chapter on the Apologia Book Extras site. Information for accessing this site are in the introdution section of the Student Workbook.